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  • With Cloud Services a big part of our daily lives, you might be wondering how best to utilise them to help your business. At Comspec, we won’t just help your company with cloud services, we’ll transform it.

    We’re highly experienced in working with businesses big and small to transfer their essential systems onto cloud-based services, saving space in the office, adding greater security, and above all, making the most cost-effective use of budget!

    From Hosted Exchange and Office 365, to online backups and WEBROOT anti-virus, our cloud solutions will help you easily maintain a sliding scale of operations based on your staff levels, and ensure you remain in full control of your Total Cost of Ownership (TOC).

    Have a look at some of our cloud-based services below, but for a complete understanding of how ‘the cloud’ can reduce costs and help your business, get in touch with us today!

  • Anti-Virus

    With the recent, high profile account hacks, data leaks, and computer attacks, having a secure, anti-virus system is a vital part of your business protection, both on and offline.

    Easy to install in a matter of minutes, we provide our clients with state-of-the-art WEBROOT anti-virus software to secure your server and desktops down to the laptop in the coffee room.

    Protect from all kinds of threat across your whole network, with a cloud-based anti-virus solution that is easily installed on any new computers or devices, securing your business as it grows. You’ll maintain a high performing IT system, whilst resting assured that all your data is fully secure.

  • Hosted Exchange 2016

    Streamline your communications and get extreme reliability and performance with Microsoft’s Exchange Server 2016. You want your emails to be on a platform you trust, available whenever you want them, wherever you are.

    Exchange Server 2016 works across all mobile and tablet devices so you’ll have access when you need, alongside the ability to share calendars and contacts with staff as required.

    Plus, with huge mailbox storage and expandable space if needed, you never have to worry about a full inbox. You’ll also get great anti-spam support to prevent a clog of unnecessary emails, and a 99.9% availability SLA, to ensure minimal downtime for your communications.

  • Office 365

    Ensure maximum productivity for your business at all times, whilst forgetting about those expensive set-up fees and all-too-necessary upgrade costs, with Office 365. It’s the ideal solution for businesses large and small, with full access to the Microsoft Office suite of apps, whether you’re in or out of the office!

    Collaborate seamlessly on cross-team projects with cloud based applications and online storage of all data and documents. That means all your files are safe and secure in the cloud, so you don’t need to worry about hard drive failure or sending large email attachments!

    A sliding scale of users means you can easily measure costs and expand when your business needs it. And with Essential, Business and Premium packages, plus a variety of smaller additional plans, managing costs with the services you need is simple and effective.

  • Online Backup

    There’s nothing more frustrating than losing a document or a file. But in a business, data loss can be catastrophic. Secure all your vital files with a dedicated backup system, and rest assured that your data will be safe and sound, whatever might happen.

    Furthermore, having a backup solution in place is another level of protection against ransomware attacks. Just roll the data back and restor to the previous 'clean' data. Job done and no ransom to pay!

    Our backup solution protects critical data at all times, and doesn’t require staff intervention - preventing any potential human error too! The fully automated system backs up to our data centre rather than an on-site local disc, which doesn’t need replacement tapes and allows for fast restoration in the case of data loss.

    On top of that, and as an added security measure, the backup replicates all data in an off-site, so should your office suffer any kind of disaster - like fire or flooding - you’ll know that your data is always protected.

  • VoIP

    If you’ve never heard of Voice Over Internet Protocol or don’t have a clue how it works, don’t worry. That’s why we’re here to help. At Comspec we understand that every business differs, and we know that each company requires different features from their phone service.

    VOIP is a highly flexible telephony system that can help many businesses dramatically reduce their costs and gain more benefits than their current set up.

    We’ll help you to identify exactly what you need from a VOIP telephone system to keep your costs low, and we’ll customise it to your specific requirements. This includes multiple users and extensions, bundled low call and mobile minutes to the UK, Hunt Groups, Voicemail and your own choice of number!