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  • As our name suggests, we’re computer specialists here at Comspec, and with years of experience working with businesses big and small, we’re often turned to for our expertise and advice in IT consultancy.

    Of course, we’re highly skilled with all technical aspects of IT systems and computer operations, but we also understand businesses too. We’ve consulted with all types of companies from a wide variety of sectors, and know how to identify the needs of each business, and recommend the solutions that work.

    Our IT consultancy covers all aspects of your system and network, and we’ll work with you to identify how we can help improve both specific areas and your operations as a whole.

    Get the ball rolling, and get in touch with us for a chat about where you might need help.

  • Managed Service and Support

    Our team is on hand for dedicated service and guidance as part of any of our managed support contracts, as you would expect. When we’re contracted to manage and maintain any kind of IT system on a regular basis, we’re always looking for ways in which we can help our clients work smarter.

    We’ll regularly analyse every part of your current IT operations, and make recommendations for streamlining and reducing costs. We’ll conduct annual reviews, and we’re on hand to come in and help explain, set-up, and guide staff on any new products you might want to implement.

  • Specialist IT Help and Advice

    If you’re not on a managed service contract but still need specialist consultants to come into your business and analyse your current situation, we can help there too. Our ad-hoc IT consultancy service is perfect for businesses who might just need that little bit of expert advice from time to time.

    We’ll visit your premises and review how your IT systems are currently operating, or focus on a specific area you might be looking to change. Once we understand your processes, we’ll be able to make recommendations for cost-effective solutions to improve operations and save your business money.

  • Security and Data Protection

    Ensuring your business is safe and secure is no easy task in today’s interconnected world, but our IT consultants have years of experience and are experts in their field. They’re a great place to start. We’ll review your current security systems and identify any weak points, or any areas which are extremely vulnerable to attack.

    We can then make a range of comprehensive recommendations to give you absolute peace of mind on data security, 24 hours a day. Your data is vital to your business operations, and our cost-effective software solutions will ensure you’re both legally compliant with data protection legislation, and that you'll reduce the risk of any important files or documents being compromised.