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  • At Comspec, we offer our clients a wide variety of services, each tailored to their individual needs as a business. We don’t like to pigeonhole our IT support services into packages, because to be honest, we don’t know how best we can help you until we’ve had a chat!

    From our years of experience providing business IT support and solutions to clients of all shapes and sizes though, we know that there are certain different types of services which businesses may be looking for, depending on their current situation.

    We divided these IT support services into two different categories, to make things simple.

  • Our pro-active IT support lets us do exactly what it says on the tin - be proactive in managing all your IT needs so that we can foresee any issues and fix them before they become problems! It’s ideal for any SME with anywhere between 2 and 200+ staff, who want to have all their IT requirements taken care of without the need for an in house department.

    We’ll cover everything from 24/7 monitoring to threshold alerts, incident management to remote assistance for both hardware and software problems, all geared towards ensuring smooth operations at all times.


  • Our Support On Demand is just that; help, advice and guidance on all IT related issues, whenever you need it. If you don’t need us, we leave you to it and you know we’re just a phone call away should you need extra IT support again.

    It’s ideal for those businesses who have someone capable of handling basic IT requirements and simple technical problems, but who might need additional ‘ad-hoc’ support on bigger projects, or extra help and reassurance if a larger problem develops.


  • Tailored Packages

    Whatever IT business service you need from us, we’ll make sure everything is tailored to your individual requirements, so you’re never taking out anything which you don’t need. We’ll look at your business together and decide how we can help in the best, most cost effective way.

  • Predictable Costs 24/7

    We believe in being 100% transparent about our costs and we want to help your business grow without you worrying about finance. All our service costs are provided up-front. There’s no hidden fees and unexpected extras, just great value for money all the time.

  • Ramped-Up Productivity

    When you don’t have to worry about who’s taking care of your IT requirements, you can focus more easily on the important things which matter - like driving business growth! With a hands-on proactive management, you’re safe in the knowledge your IT infrastructure grows with you.

  • We Are Always Available

    The best IT support is based on trust. You should rest assured at all times knowing that if anything ever should go wrong, whatever package you take out, there will always be a trusted expert on hand to solve the problem, often within a matter of minutes.