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  • Responding to IT problems as soon as they arise is vital for the smooth running of your business. At Comspec, we like to ensure we can identify issues and resolve them before they even become a problem, but when something breaks and needs fixing, or an unexpected maintenance need arises, we’ll be on hand in moments to help.


    Our Service Desk is the place to come when you have any IT problems you need to log with us. Simply sign in and report your issue, and we’ll get notified straight away and get on with fixing the fault as quickly as possible.

    Let us help you to identify your needs and set up an IT incident ticket system for your business.

  • No Hidden Charges

    Our online ticket system is designed to allow our clients to raise an incident request easily and for us to respond appropriately in the fastest possible time. We track all issues here so you can see in real time how we are responding to your problem.

    This allows you to monitor all problems in line with our response time SLAs. Our service desk is provided to all our clients with clear costs and time scales, because we believe in being fully transparent and fixing problems as soon as we possibly can!

  • Help with Absolutely Anything

    Whatever problem you have, our service desk is the best place to report it, so we have a complete record of your request. Even if it’s something as simple as a problematic mouse or forgotten login details, simply detail the problem and we’ll get onto it!

    Our service desk is equipped with our knowledge base too, so you might find answers to your problems straight away, and be able to resolve it within minutes yourself! Of course, we’ll always follow up to make sure everything is OK, and to help prevent the problem developing again.